About us

Directa AB, a Swedish dental manufacturing company founded in 1916, highly renown and one of the fastest growing dental companies in the Nordic region; with active sales and marketing in over 90 countries worldwide. Directa´s products are developed and evaluated by our selected team of highly-qualified and renowned Swedish and international dental professionals with the aim of making life easier for the dental professionals in the daily clinical work.

Manufacturer of the world-famous extraction instrument Luxator, the well-known ProphyCare Prophy Paste, the revolutionary protective wedge FenderWedge, sectional matrix FenderMate, the innovative PractiPal tray system and much more. During the last few years years Directa incorporated the well-known brand Calasept including products from calcium hydroxide paste for temporary root fillings to a complete assortment of liquids for effective irrigation of root canals,  the extractions instruments Physics Forceps and the  Swedish manufacturer Trolldental.

Directa is part of DirectaDentalGroup. (link DirectaDentalGroup to https://directadentalgroup.com/)

DirectaDentalGroup develops, manufactures and markets a complete line of dental consumables, materials and electronics, making life easier for the dental practitioners and patients. DirectaDentalGroup is highly pro-active on the international dental market with business partnerships in many parts of the world. With headquarters in Sweden, offices, manufacturing, and distribution and more than 200 employees representing the various brands worldwide, DirectaDentalGroup is an innovative player in the global dental arena.

DirectaDentalGroup currently consists of Directa AB, Orsing AB, Topdental (Products) Ltd, Parkell Inc, Ronvig A/S and Trolldental. The companies are all managed independently, having full responsibility and autonomy for their own operations.

Directa is one of Lifco´s 164 companies. Lifco’s business idea is to acquire and develop market leading, niched companies. Lifco's aim is to secure that the subsidiaries continuously improve earnings and deliver strong cash flows. We are guided by our corporate philosophy implying a long-term investment profile, focus on profitability and a highly decentralized organization. Today Lifco has 5400 employees in 30 countries.