Dr. Petteri Sjögren DDS, PhD

Dr. Petteri Sjögren DDS, PhD

Dr. Petteri Sjögren has a DDS degree from Umeå University, and a PhD in medicine from Linköping University, with a final paper about evidence-based methodologies and how to use research data in clinical practice.

Different research projects resulted in authorship in about thirty peer-reviewed research articles, most of them about geriatric dentistry, many related to evidence-based dentistry and medicine, and a few systematic reviews.

Currently, Dr. Sjögren is dental and quality director at a Swedish dental care company Oral Care. As a member of the company’s management group, during the last decade he participated in building up a domiciliary dental care organization in Sweden, covering the geographical regions with the three largest cities and neighboring areas. He played a major part in building up the company’s clinical research in geriatric dentistry, including a collaboration network with academic representatives. He worked with clinical dentistry, including domiciliary dental care for elderly.

Since 2011 he is also part-time employed at the HTA-Centrum, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg. HTA-centrum is a regional Health Technology Assessment organization. As an HTA-methodologist his main tasks are leading project groups consisting of medical and academical experts. Until now, these projects have resulted in over 3o completed systematic reviews (i.e. HTA-reports).


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