Dr. Alessandro Conti DDS

Dr. Alessandro Conti DDS

Graduated in Dentistry magna cum laude at the University of Pavia.He is visiting professor at the University of Pavia (Department of RestorativeDentistry) and at the Eastman Dental Institute (UCL-London)

He has held courses and congresses both in Italy and abroad and he is author of scientific publications on peer reviewed dental journals.

He is an active member of the Italian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry, affiliate of the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED) and ambassador of the British Academy of Microscope Dentistry (BAMD).

Dr. Conti has established his private practice in the north of Italy cooperating with Dr.s: Domenico Massironi, Carlo Ghezzi and Roberto Rossi. His practice is limited to esthetic restorative dentistry and fixed prosthetics.


Webinars with Dr. Alessandro Conti DDS